Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe

Tanult táncaink

                            1. Fais do do
                            2. Sugar and Pai
                            3. He drinks Tequila
                            4. Break away
                            5. Trail of Tears
                            6. Galway girl
                            7. Hillbilly Rock
                            8. Who did you call darling
                            9. Little Bitty
                           10.Island time
                           12.Ribbon of Highway
                           13.Bop the be
                           14.California blue
                           16.Irish Stew
                           17.All Summer Long
                           18.Live, laugh, love
                           21.Wrapped Around
                           22.Good time
                           23.Bossa Nova
                           24.Leaving of Liverpool
                           26.Red hot salsa
                           27.Mexican Wind
                           28.Wave on Wave
                           30.Thank god for the Radio
                           31.Seminole Wind
                           32.Wishvoll Thinking
                           33.Oh Suzanna
                           34.Bad moon rising
                           35.Hot Tomales
                           36.Pick a bale of Cotton
                           37.One Step Forward
                           38.Canadian Stomp
                           39.Rose Garden
                           40.Chill Factor
                           41.Fishing in the Dark
                           43.Alligator Rock
                           44.Picnic Polka
                           45.Country Roads
                           46.Doctor, doctor
                           47.Cowgirl's twist
                           48.Old pop in an oak
                           49.All Shook Up
                           50.Tell Me Ma
                           51.Bomshel Stomp
                           52.Wait a Minute
                           53.Some beach